Large Insurance Provider chooses Cameo Solutions for Conversational IVR powered by Nuance

Cameo Global IVR AI

PLEASANTON, Calif. – December 18, 2018 – Cameo Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cameo Global, has been chosen to lead the implementation of Nuance’s market leading AI-powered Conversational IVR for one of the nation’s largest Healthcare Insurance Providers. Cameo was awarded this contract based on their ability to match the customer’s business metrics with an IVR that is both agile and cost effective. A comprehensive cost/benefit analysis demonstrated over $11M in cost reductions within 5-year period through greater self-service efficiencies and productivity gains. Beyond these significant cost savings, the customer is anticipating an immediate increase in brand loyalty by providing their Members and Providers with a much-improved experience.

Cameo will also incorporate the Nuance application into the broader omni-channel platforms, creating a single repository for customer interaction history. Properly used, this contextual data will provide the foundation for meaningful and predictive customer engagements that significantly improve the customer experience.  “If someone calls and you already have the answer, or can at least predict why they are calling, then you have saved them valuable time − and possibly defused what otherwise might have been a negative interaction. This technology demonstrates to your customers that you’ve invested for their benefit, and most importantly, you value their business” says Tim Brannock, Cameo Global CMO.